Institute Management Pro is a comprehensive plugin to manage institute related activities such as courses, batches, enquirers, registrations, fees, students, staff etc. It can generate fee receipt, fees report, ID card, completion certificate etc. in printable format. Administrators can be assigned to manage particular records. Also, you can send notifications to students by batch, course, pending fees and more. Students can pay their fees with PayPal or Razorpay payment methods.

Advanced version of this plugin also supports exam results management and multiple custom fee types like admission fee, tuition fee, course fee etc. Also, students can pay their fees by choosing custom fee type or overall pending fees with PayPal or Razorpay payment methods. Also, with advanced version, you can view overall reports of students and fees filtering by custom period, duration etc.


● Course Management – Add courses, their durations and fees.

● Batch Management – A course can have multiple batches. Add new batches to a course or edit them.

● Enquiry Management – Receive enquiries from front-end or add directly from admin panel.

● Student Management – Register a new student for a course, which can also be done from active enquiry. Then, enquiry can be removed or marked as inactive. Also, mark the course as completed.

● Fee Management – Easy to manage fee, shows pending fees, supports payment in installments for a student enrolled in a course.

● Staff Management – Add an administrator to manage courses, batches, enquiries, fees, students, notifications, noticeboard etc.

● Admin Dashboard – View popular courses, recent enquiries and number of active courses, students, enquiries, etc.

Student Dashboard – Students view their fees report, admission details, ID card etc. and pay remaining fees using suitable payment method.

● Access Control – Assign task to an administrator having certain permissions to perform the task.

● Generate and Print Reports – Select a student and generate reports such as fees report, admission details, ID card, completion certificate etc.

● Export records to excel – Easy to export student records to excel or pdf format.

Search and Filter Records – Search and filter courses, enquiries, students, fee receipts.

Print Fee Receipt, Report, ID Card, Admission Detail and Completion Certificate – Print fee receipt for each installment, print fees report, admission details, student’s ID card and completion certificate.

Institute Settings  such as name, logo, address, phone, email etc. – Set institute details such as name, address, logo, phone, email etc. which show up in printable documents.

Institute Noticeboard Widget Display important notices on your website with Institute Noticeboard Widget.

Send Notifications to Students – Send notifications to a batch or individual students with attachments (to send notes, time table etc.).

Multiple Payment Methods –  Students can pay their fees using PayPal or Razorpay payment methods.

● Exams and Results Management – Manage exam results and display results form on your website.