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School Management Is A WordPress Plugin To Manage One Or Multiple Schools And Their Entities Such As Classes, Sections, Students, Exams, ID Cards, Admit Cards, Teachers, Staff, Fees, Invoices, Income, Expense, Noticeboard, Study Materials, Staff/Teacher Can Send The Homework SMS On Student/ Parents Mobile Number And Much More. Your School Take Live Classes Of Your

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Weblizar is a friendly team of WordPress development and web design. We create interactive tools for success in business and efficient communication with customers. We work with an entrepreneurial spirit to deliver high-end professional applications that support thousands of individuals in converting their virtual business concept into a commercial reality.

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All our plugins are developed through a proprietary framework that we have constantly improved and strengthened plugin by plugin. This grants 100% compatibility among plugins and a unique solution to get all the features you need for your site. You won’t need to look for essential tools elsewhere to create an online site nor to worry about incompatibilities and consequent errors.

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Our company has been in the market of themes and plugins from 2015 and has a team of nearly 50 persons. Thanks to our constant growth, we can guarantee a continuous service for plugin updates and technical support, year after year.

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Ultimate Timeline - Responsive Timeline History


Online Exam Management - Education & Results Management


Jobs Portal Pro


Advanced solutions Based Laravel System

Web-cart - Multi Vendor e-Commerce Marketplace

“Webcart Multi-vendor eCommerce Marketplace” module helps you to create any marketplace and allow vendors / store owners to sell or supply products from your site. It helps to set up your own marketplace fast, easy and reliable. By this module, the marketplace owner receives commissions on products they sell from vendor Products. Marketplace owners can set up the multi-vendor system to his site so that other store owners can sell their product from his site.

Online Exam Management - Quiz & Education Results Management system

Online Exam Management is Quiz & Education Results Management system. Its’ Based on Laravel Framework. You can create and manage the unlimited exams for students and publish exam results. Exam have number of options just likes, set exam centers, duration, date and start time, paid exam, free exam, practice exam, long time exam.

Student can take exam his own time or manage students and assign roll numbers to each student. Conduct Multiple exams and View completed exams, recent exams, upcoming exams, and on-going exams.. Manage students and assign roll numbers to each student. Conduct Multiple exams and View completed exams, recent exams, upcoming exams, and on-going exams.

The School Management - Education & Learning Management

The School Management is the Laravel based system. It can manage complete school operation and other activities. The system has different access rights for Super Admin, School Admin, Teacher, Student and Parent.School Management is multiple schools and their entities such as classes, sections, students, exams, ID cards, admit cards, teachers, staff, fees, invoices, income, expense, noticeboard, study materials, staff/teacher can send the homework SMS on student/ parents mobile number and much more. Your school take live classes of your students using the zoom, Create an unlimited live session with our system. You can publish the result and admit cards, certificates in publicly. without any logging of students, they can get the result using student details.

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Vutix -The Powerful Multi-Purpose HTML5.

Travello – Creative Travel Agency HTML.

Corporate - Business And Corporate.

Corpoh - Multi-Purpose HTML.

Android & IOS Apps

Android And IOS Apps for the school Management. It allow to student and parent to manage the school activities

Check the Android App with below given login details for donwlaod to click here Demo App

Username : student1

Password : 123456

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