Route Direction Maps

Help your users find the best way to get from A to Z with comprehensive data.

Interactive Map

This allows you to embed a colorful Interactive map into your WordPress powered site by a few clicks!.

Multi Location Map

You can display a number of locations in a single map at the same time. You can show your all branches locations in a single map or you can customize it (Information to display in Infowindow with your custom style).

Single Location Map

You can easily show your location by its address or latitude and longitude. Also you can customize it, from its backend as your needs.

Key Features

Multi Language Maps

You can show or change map language. Means you can show your map in your desired language on the posts or pages.

Infowindow Card

Information window for showing location information.

Centralized Dashboard

Centralized dashboard to manage all shortcodes. You can add, delete, edit any shortcode from here.

Map Theme

You can change the Map theme style while creating it from the options. Using a styled map, you can customize the presentation of the Google base maps, changing the visual display of such elements as roads, parks, and built-up areas.

Google Map Widget

By using this widget you can easily show your custom map in the sidebar or you can show it in footer widget section.

Custom Markers

You can change the ‚Äčicon of a Google maps default marker as you desire. Simply¬† add/upload your marker image it will show as location marked on map.

About Advance Google Maps