Check All Appointment Statistical Report

You can Check All Appointment Statistical Report

Export Your Clients and Customers List

You can Export Your Clients and Customers List.

Export Your Appointments List

You can Export Your Appointments List.

Appointments Management Dashboard

Manage Dashboard

All Features

Business Hours Widget

Display business opening hours to your customers with booking button link into any of widget and sidebar area of website

Experience Responsive Scheduling

Get best appointment booking experience on WordPress websites

Unlimited Bookings

Allows your customers and clients to schedule unlimited online booking on your website

Unlimited Services

System allow to create unlimited services for booking

Unlimited Staff

Create unlimited staff or services provider with your services, connect staff with relevant services

Free Bookings

You can also accept booking form customer on free services

Premium Booking

Create premium and paid services to accept payment on customer booking

Statistical Administrator Dashboard

Get all system overall report on single page into admin dashboard of the plugin.


System notify each and every associated aspect of the plugin like Administrator, Staff and Client when any booking event occurs

Admin Notification

Send notification to administrator on booking, approving and cancelling appointments

Staff Notification

For notifying to staff on booking, approving and cancelling appointments which is associated with

Social Media

Share your social profiles and activity with social links

Video Tutorials

Configure your booking system by watching our simple video tutorials

Fast & Friendly Support

Our team is always available to help you to resolve every problem you face

Appointment Management

Admin can mange all appointment using appointment management dashboard comes with plugin like approve, cancel and assign appointment to staff

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