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Salary status (Monthly or Hourly)

IP Restriction

ClockIn Pro Plugin

ClockIn Pro Plugin is easy, advanced on-line worker time tracking package permits employers to effectively manage users through a variety of outstanding options and our clock in clock out system permits workers to do so with the press of a mouse. Plus, time-tracked info is kept securely on our servers, so it can be simply accessed at any time. Our comprehensive system supports businesses by providing associate worker clock, Salary status (Monthly or Hourly), Leave Management Module and Attendance Management Module etc.

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Our Great Features

Features listed below

Set Your TimeZone

Setting your workplace’s time zone. Your workplace’s default time zone is based on your location when the workplace is created.

Salary status 

Easily calculate salary of employees (Monthly or Hourly). Employee also check salary status.

IP Restriction

IP Restrictions can be defined for Employees.

Shift Management

Setting the shift is one of the very important tasks in businesses. Handles shift management.

Holiday Listing

Employees check upcoming holidays in a month.

Leave Management Module

You and your employees can effortlessly track past leave history.

Event Management Module

In the clockin plugin you can manage the events.

Detailed Employee Records

Detailed information about each employee.

Attendance Management Module

Clock in Clock out system permits workers for attendance.